Clarifications on (temporarily) moving Roon license/library to laptop


I believe my situation isn’t anything unique, in that i would simply exercise/follow the steps outlined in moving Roon library to a different computer, eg.

(there seems to be several FAQ documents on moving Roon library, but the above seems to be the latest, that reflect the use of recent backup/restore feature)

Current setup has the Roon Server running in a PC. And the music files on two NAS’s ( and I will be taking the two NAS boxes with me (and make sure the IP’s will remain the same).

I’ll be temporarily relocating to a different state, and current thinking is i do not want to take my heavy PC there, but a laptop that either runs the Server or the standalone.

But either way, i will need to take my current Roon library from PC to the laptop.

I’ve done the Roon library migration before, pre-1.3, where there was no backup/restore, simply i ensured Roon stopped, and copied the whole directlry.

With the Roon 1.3, should i resort to the backup/restore approach?

Or, better stay safe and copy the entire Roon directory as done before?

Thanks much.

Hi @George_Shin — You should be all set by following the steps in the KB article you have in your post.