Classical composer problem

I’m slowly tagging my classical library with work and part tags and a couple of others and it seems to be going fine, this is going to take a considerable amount of time so I don’t have a lot of time to problem solve.

Browsing Kalevi Aho by composer shows four albums

As you can see from the next shot this is not all of them. The composer is properly tagged and listed in the credits. Can someone steer me in the right direction or is this just a Roon quirk?


Okay I truly am stupid, it honestly didn’t occur to me to click on the local library icon in compositions.

Hijacking my own thread besides SongKong is there anything else that could aid me in this mammoth task mentioned above?

I have done all of mine by choosing to file by title and then editing by clicking the album, then the little dots, then choosing either the Roon or file. Often one or the other is right. Probably like you I want to see Bach: rather than Johann to file by! If the data is missing and you can search for it it takes less time to just fix it yourself. I haven’t found any other way through. The composer field, while it now exists, does not exist in the public databases Roon is using. They were originally made based on popular songs I think, on a volunteer basis. Only “artist” exists. That is why you will see “main artist Johann Sebastian Bach, composer” So “composer” is a type of artist. Although it takes time I have a lot of time. Data bases once made are hard to fix.

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If you can still find it , MusiCHI tagger, helped me enormously. It has MusiClean, a lookup of the MusiCHI db of Compositions based on track name. It is customizable to the output etc

Hi lite a set of files click and go

Eg each part of

Piano concerto No.1 in C minor op.15

Can be reordered, included etc

It’s strict on Composer names but works fine

It also has a comprehensive text processor which allows splits across delimiters say a colon or hyphen even a space try , it was available by request from sales @ etc .

It’s 20 Euro for the Tagger, you won’t need the rest of the suite, its a player, library thing

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You will find SongKong unravels that, it reads from MusicBrainz db , sees the Composer in the Artist tag and transposes to Composer.

It’s worth a try, especially if your albums are discrete releases . It scans the files develops a unique ID and looks up. I have found it extremely useful to download all the basic grunt work, Work, part , Composer etc plus whatever is in MusicBrainz

He has recently fine tuned it fo4 Roon

The author @paultaylor is active on this forum , he often has a 20% off deal in the Sales section

I emailed them a while back asking if it was still available and received a rather terse reply that it was and provided no other details, I’ll give it another go this time asking to purchase.

They seem to be focusing on hardware these days , the developers is a bit difficult on occasions :sunglasses:

I have a similar problem. I have this in my collection:

But it doesn’t appear here:

Not sure if this was referring to MusCHI or SongKong but SongKong is certainly available for many platforms and I’m very actively working on it. Maybe sometimes my replies are a bit terse, all I can say is I am essentially a sofware developer rather than a a marketing/sales guy so I wouldnt put my sales/interpersonal skills at the top of my skillset !

Hi Paul. No I was referring to MusiCHI!

I think That SongKong may help just to need to evaluate a bit more.

Have you had dealings with MusiCHI? Phillipe can be a little terse, I assure you, nothing was meant against you :sunglasses:

Oh okay, no I havent had dealings with MusicCHI.