Classical Composition in Unidentified Album

In an unidentified album of Beethoven symphonies, Roon didn’t match the performance of the 4th symphony with other 4th symphony performances from identified albums. It did match performances of other symphonies from the same set.

The composition tags for each of the tracks originally contained “Symphony No.4 in B-flat minor, Op.60” The same strings were also used at the beginning of the Name, Title tags. I found that the performances of Beethoven 4 in identified albums were labelled as “Symphony No. 4 in B flat minor, Op. 60” So I changed both sets of tags to match, and had Roon rescan the tracks.

But Roon is still showing the old description, and still fails to group it with other performances of the same composition. Is there something else for me to do to fix this and similar problems?


You’re on the right track. Try changing the folder name by adding a character. Rescanning does NOT have the same effect as this. (If it should, @brian, it is buggy.)

Sounds like a good idea. But it didn’t work.