Classical Composition page - bugs and general layout issues

The page for a classical composition is buggy and badly designed.

One of my favourite compositions is Dvorak’s Stabat Mater.

When on the composition page for this work -

  • the Top Performers (2 large pictures and a large pair of initials of whom) take up a huge proportion of the page and the first few shown are all from a single album (which is not in the top few recordings when sorted by popularity). If you click to go to the right and see other “Top Performers” many of them lead to blank pages because there are no recordings of the Stabat Mater by them either in my library on on Qobuz (I don’t have Tidal)

  • The Top Conductors is a list of 6 conductors, 2 of which lead to blank page as there are no recordings of the Stabat Mater by said conductor in the catalog. Of course, because the conductor list also includes choirmasters! The second most popular “conductor” of the Stabat Mater is a choirmaster. While one can argue about whether the conductor list for a choral work should or should not include choirmasters - at least when one clicks on the name of one of the Top Conductors of a work, it should to not lead to a blank page. Especially since I have the recording in my library.

Then there’s a list of “Popular Cantatas” by Dvorak. Three are shown as “Popular”. When you click on “More” there’s a list of 5 - he certainly wrote more than 5

At the bottom of the page, after you scroll past the huge images/initials (many images are pixellated as they probably weren’t meant to be enlarged so much) you finally get to the recordings section. I think I am not the only one here who thinks that this should be shown a higher priority.

Finally, do the fonts have to be so big for the name? That along with the large pictures take up a lot of space. Especially on an iPhone and iPad. Screenshots below from Mac, iphone and ipad.

I’ve just given an example of one composition above, but I can see this happening with many more. For example, for the page for Mozart’s Requiem - of the top 6 conductors shown - 4 lead to a blank page - 1 of the 4 is an organist and 3 are chorus masters.

@brian @support If you have a moment, a comment would be appreciated.

Or maybe it’s not that Roon is bad, but your library?

I’m not sure you’ve understood the issue at hand.

Roon suggests a popular condutor/performer - but then cannot produce any recordings by them. Nothing to do with my library

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Yes there are a few grown up bugs and little buggies on this page.

Of course a „Top Performer“ (whatever that might be to start with) should have recorded that work, otherwise there is no point listing him there in the first place! Sometimes you get people responding that have little knowledge of the genre.

Your point is perfectly valid and has been raised by quite a few others.

The same with „Popular this-or-that“. Its all pretty arbitrary. There is another thread where people are getting composers listed for Opera, half of those actually being the Librettist and not the Composer. Again, not bad tagging but Roon just wrongly classifying Librettists as „Composers“.

So yep, some work to do there before this could become useful.


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