Classical Composition Split


My trials of Roon always left me wanting in navigation of classical music , I was hoping 1.3 had fixed a few things on that count , hence I will probably bombard the forum with questions to pick brains out there.

I see there is now a Composition section , I have gone to lot of effort adding a Composition Tag to my files , and I see that some of these are respected . eg my Liszt transcriptions are all (Beethoven) Symphony no 3 etc . I assume that format is imported , unless Roon uses exactly the same format as me (& MusiCHI - a dead crib)

The problem I don’t see all my versions collected together . Am I doing some thisng wrong

In the same vein I see Dvorak and Antonin Dvorak splitting compositions into 2 groups . Can I edit that ? I normally like to use just the surname except for Bach & Strauss etc



This is probably because you have a mix of identified albums (with identified performances) and non-identified albums. We’re actively working on a means for users to add and edit performances.

Yes you can. Select both composers in the Composer Browser (“Composers” from the main menu - and it may help to use the “Only Classical” toggle in the sort drop-box) and, in the edit options, you can merge the two, selecting whichever you want as the primary.