Classical FAQ and will the real Karajan please rise?

  1. I just entered into a life long partnership with you. The only time I did this previously was with my wife 27 years ago and she is still complaining about that.
  2. I see the statements you make about your product a bit as our spousal contract. About classical music you state in our contract ‘Classical Music Done Right - There’s more to classical music than artists, albums, and tracks. Roon understands composers, conductors, periods, works, instrumentation, and form.’ My other life long commitment learned me how important it is to talk about issues in an open and honest way so brace yourself, you asked for it :smile:

First the impressive thing : I imported a properly maintained library and a junkyard library. What you did to the junkyard was unbelievable : in short you made the music accessible and that deserves all possible praise.

However, as the CTO told in another post, you still have work to do on classical music.

  1. I beg you : please write a FAQ about the recommended way to populate the metadata on the files to make a smooth import possible, as well as how to use that metadata to select the music you want, You cannot reasonably expect a new customer to read through all forum postings just to figure out how everything is related : id tags in files, Roon tags, genres, credits, user profiles… If you want me to detail this request further feel free to ask. I gladly help to ask the newbie questions.

  2. Searching issue : since you mentioned in what I consider our marriage contract ‘Conductor’ I tried it out.

I simply searched for Karajan. This resulted in the following screen

As you can see, the top result is ‘Karajan’. If you click ‘Karajan’ , you will find there is only one ‘appearance’ underneath it.

If I go to artists / View all and select ‘Herbert von Karajan’ the system reports info about the person and detects numerous CD’s and appearances,

In short : is it not possible to identify one or more items with the most ‘children’ as the top result(s) ? I use the plural because the Bach-family and Strauss family might create some confusion.

Another solution might be the mapping of file metadata to Roon metadata. My properly maintained library uses normally ‘last name’ ‘comma’ 'first names ‘prefix’ structure so Ludwig von Beethoven is stored as ‘Beethoven, Ludwig von’. The effect is that the carefully maintained library is not enriched by Roon, while the junk library is.