Classical in 1.8 - Similar Artist Feature

This feature is not really new to 1.8 as such but it has obviously been implemented differently, based on the 1.8 release notes

So let’s see what it offers out of the box. Local library only (big enough to allow for many relations). Maybe I switch on Qobuz at a later point to look for differences.

Starting with Jean-Francois Paillard, who was a pioneer of french baroque music back in the 60’s and 70’s

What does Roon offer me as “similar artist”. I am thinking in the direction of other baroque music pioneers of the age, like Raymond Leppard, Thurston Dart, Neville Marriner. But maybe I find other relations I’m not aware of. I do have all those artists in my library, just in case someone asks…

So here we go:

I don’t understand… English Chamber Orchestra? Ok close enough for an ensemble for baroque music, but certainly not the most prominent. I don’t understand the relations to Ozawa, Dutoit, Maazel, Mehta, and the likes. They are conductors at least… who would have thought.
Won’t comment on Tchaikovsky. The list is nonsense.

But what puzzles me more, is what is shown next to the circled pictures:


if you like, Wiener Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan and Claudio Abbado…

For God’s sake I am on the artist page of Jean-Francois Pailard! Is this just a shuffle function of arbitrary artists? This is more than wasted potential. This is neglicence. I’d rather have no similar artists displayed than this BS.

OK - rant finished.
What do you guys think? Shouldn’t we expect more?

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