Classical Metadata AGAIN

I am at wits end with Roon’s problems with classical metadata. I get that the Hyperion 30-some CD set of the complete Schubert Lieder sung by 30-some different singers is tough to sort.

But Tetzlaff’s Bach Violin Sonatas and Partitas?? There are only six. And the movements are numbered I, II, III, IV. Klemper’s Complete Beethoven Symphonies with the Philharmonia? I can discern no organizational pattern to the “order” of tracks on these and countless other recordings from Tidal. (They sort perfectly in Tidal).

There is so much I value in Roon. However I am very close to cancelling my subscription, as this problem seems to be getting worse. I cannot tolerate selecting a recording and having to check that the movements or pieces are in the proper order. Even worse is selecting the Eroica and after the first movement hearing the third movement of the Choral Symohony CE barging in. What gives, guys??


Well, if the metadata is there Roon will do that well (I don’t have the box). Unless you want to find a particular work, or show a listing by works not by discs, in which case you have no hope.

Last time I asked (admittedly a long time ago), Roon doesn’t understand Roman numerals, and needs Arabic ones. (Still true, @support?)

That could be a specific album problem, or an identification problem, or a Roon Radio problem. You need to make a specific metadata issue report on it, with screen shots and precise album details.

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Thanks for the input. Re the Hyperion set, I did report/discuss at length and they had no solution. The set sorts such that every track 1 appears in alphabetical order, then comes every track 2 a-z, track 3, etc. It sorts only by track. No workaround. Everything is there - it just can’t be sorted by album, title, composition etc.

The Beethoven and Bach albums use Roman numerals for movements, so that must be the problem. I’ve solved this by creating a playlist for each and manually rearranging tracks. As to Roman numerals, one would think that is an easy code issue…

Thanks, again.


My work around to the above was to create playlists for each of the albums in question. An afternoon’s work but successful and worth the effort. Where there’s a will there’s a work-around.