Classical Music - building a collection (a start)

(Dominique) #1

When starting with classical music and collecting it is always difficult to know where to start, which of the 50 recordings of a certain composition should one get? Artistically and sound quality wise, what is “the best” or probably one of the best.

I thought sharing covers might be a good idea, so I started with some great recordings of stuff that will probably tickle the tastebuds of many and be an audio revelation. Some are rather old, but in the correct remastering they sound incredible and really exciting. So this is a start, more will follow. Please join in.

(Jim) #2

Thanks! There is so much classical music available that it can be overwhelming for someone like me that has little to no practical experience with this genre. I’ve found that certain music labels can typically be reliable indicators of good quality recordings.

I will hunt some of these down from this list and give them a listening session. I’ll report back my impressions and I look forward to your updates.

Happy New Year!

(Stephen) #3

Sorry if these are slightly more esoteric but both are stunning recordings which have provided me with much pleasure:



(Ged) #4

(Tim Chapman) #5

Agree 100% on the Mahler 3rd recording. Brilliant!

(JohnV) #6

I’d like to give a general shout-out to ALL the Mercury Living Presence albums. In the 1950s and 1960s, MLP produced some of the finest engineered recordings ever made. This was due in no small part to the long lived partnership of engineers Bob Fine and Robert Eberentz. The consistent sound quality across albums is simply remarkable, particularly so of ones with full symphonies.

This is not to say that the performances are the finest the world has to offer. Some albums are from the wind ensemble at Eastman-Rochester, and band music may not be your cup of tea.

Check them out.

(Costas) #7

@Squeezemenicely Thanks for this!

(Geoff Coupe) #8

Ged, thanks for the article link. I agree very much with the piece of advice to listen to BBC Radio 3 - it’s still the best way (for me) to discover new (classical) music, with the added bonus of the complete BBC Proms broadcasts each year.