Classical music & composer:

Hello, software developers
Why don’t you create the sort criterion “composer”? Most classical music listeners would be happy with that.

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which view is this? if it’s album view I‘m not surprised. An album can have multiple composers. What would be the composer to sort for?

Ich denke, mit Deinem Namen sprichst Du deutsch. Danke für die schnelle Antwort. Also:

  1. Ja, ich spreche von der Album-Ansicht.
  2. Wenn roon nur schon alle Alben mit 1 Komponisten auflisten würde, wäre das bereits schön.
  3. roon soll ein Album mit mehreren Komponisten unter “composers” durchaus für jeden Komponisten 1x anzeigen. Das wäre sogar super! Eine andere Lösung wäre, die Alben unter “Various composers” anzuzeigen, was aber weniger übersichtlich wäre.
    Gruss, Arno


  1. Yes, I am talking about the album view.
  2. If roon were to list all albums with 1 composer, that would be a step forward.
  3. It would be best if roon displayed an album with several composers once for each composer. That would even be great! Another solution would be to display the albums under “Various composers”, but that would be less clear.

Simple to achieve. Just name your albums with the name of the composer as start, ie, „Bruckner: Symphonie No. 7“ then you can sort by Album name and get what you want. Thats how I do it.

To view composers, there is the „Composer“ menu and here you can look at all albums containing compositions from any selected composer.

You can also use find or filter. Many ways get what you want.


I couldn’t agree more. I have longed asked for this and had some real “discussions” in these forums with folks who offered other means through focus or tags and such, all which didn’t work. They always yielded incomplete results. I could just look at my shelf of CDs and know. In 1.8, Roon’s solution is the Composer view, which now (finally) will show this and it seems to work.

Still, in my mind, Composer sort on Album view would give an alternative way to view your library and discover music. I have never seen an explanation from Roon why this isn’t option or feasible. But I’m glad to at last have a (complete) Composer view that wasn’t possible before.

Click: My Library >> Composers >> Show Only Classical Composers >> click any composer >> Discography >> sort by date, title or, not entirely (at all?) useful for classical, popularity.

Thanks for your information.
It’s the same for me: If the roon developers would explain why we shouldn’t leaf through the classic albums like in the earlier CD shops (or at home), I would stop worrying.

Thanks for the answer. I know the two methods. Perhaps in the end I have no choice but to re-label around 2000 classic albums.

Just as a matter of interest: What is your current naming convention?

FWIW SongKong has an Add Composers to Start of Album Title option that could do this quite easily.

As I said, I’m looking for a solution where I don’t have to rename all the classic CDs. The composer is available as a tag.
Thanks for pointing out SongKong. I am happy to review the program.