Classical Music Experience

Thank you team roon. The advances made in the classical music experience are absolutely great. Classical music has always been a second class citizen in digital music - the metadata never fit the paradigm established for popular music beginning with the ID3 tag. The roon object model for metadata has solved this long standing issue and the new UX leverages this brilliantly. I am amazed and grateful that classical music in roon has received this attention - it must have been a lot of work. I am a roon fan and a “lifer” that has posted some pointed criticism in the past - but I have to say as a classical music listener I really see that roon has differentiated itself with 1.8 - I am not aware of any other music listening software that even gets close to this experience. Great job!


Absolutely agree. It was love at first sight when I first saw how Roon understands multi movement classical composition. I signed up for life right away. So glad to see classical music support is being improved upon ever since.