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Do you have problems with how you music is distributed? For example, when I search “Schubert,” many Beethoven albums will show up. I was a music major, so I get it that Beethoven and Schubert have connections. But I find it frustrating that there is no easy way to move the Beethoven albums out of Schubert and into Beethoven.
Also, I recently downloaded a set of Rameau pieces performed by Marcelle Meyer. They did not turn up when I did a search for “Rameau.” What’s going on?


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Hey @Clark_Varnell,

Thanks so much for posting on our community when running into an issue. I’m so sorry that search has proved to be unreliable.

As for us, I wish we could have replied sooner. I apologize for the delay.

Do you experience the same behavior still? Could you please share screenshots of the results when searching for a particular composition or composer?

Thanks in advance :pray:

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