Classical Music Shuffle

When playing classical music in shuffle mode, Roon is terribly inconsistent in whether it groups “parts” into full works for shuffle purposes.

Sometimes the failure to link parts comes from Roon not recognizing the whole work and showing, for example, each movement of a symphony as a separate piece. However, just as often I find that the work was correctly linked but the “parts” are ignored in the queue. As the screenshots show, only the second movement of the Brahms violin concerto appears in my queue, but the tracks view of the album show it to be properly divided into parts.

One can fix the first problem by tediously editing/creating the “WORK” and “PART” tags with an external editor, but the second problem does not appear to be solvable.

AND while I am on the subject, fixing works and parts ought to be something that can be done easily within Roon.