Classical "series"

Classical recordings are sometimes released in series, e.g, volume 1, 2 of something, or like this Horizon series of live RCO recordings. Horizon (series) (page 1 of 1) | Presto Music
It would be nice of Roon knew about such series (not sure what the data source would be, partner with Presto!) or if the user could collect recordings into series themselves. Search works but it’s a bit haphazard

Many classical listeners might appreciate this functionality, but I agree that it is hard to implement without an appropriate data source. Neither Tidal nor Qobuz appear to feature this at present. I currently use a manual search, and then create a permanent “collection” by using the Tagging feature. See screenshot below for an example.


Tagging is good idea.

Also for series like the Grateful Dead Dick/Dave’s Picks, and Bill Frisell’s Live Download Series.

(Maybe this is a good example of a “wrong” answer generating a quick fix.)

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That’s one of the best things about this Community. I have had a lot of great music and technical tips from other members - always much appreciated.


Since the title has similarities, I would on the album page use the Filter with “horizon”. This should get all the albums you want up. Then select them all at one time. And then add the TAG to all of them at the same time. It can be very quick if you know what to do.


Very acceptable solution. Ones with fewer than 4 items could be more attractive

Just so you know you can tag tags. So, I’ve grouped Mozart Symphonies as one Tag, Mozart Operas another. Then I made a Mozart Music tag and added those tags under that tag. Then I bookmarked the Mozart Music tag, so it is quickly available under bookmarks.


:exploding_head: I’m seeing quite a rabbit hole in front of me