Classical tagging standards

I’m running Roon at home and using Plex to access my music library away from home. I don’t want to rule out accessing my library with other software so I’d like my tagging to be as standard as possible.

Roon appears to suggest using WORK/SECTION/PART to tag classical music. Most other software uses either CONTENTGROUP OR GROUPING to represent the top-level and TITLE to represent the bottom level and there doesn’t appear to be any agreement for how to represent Acts and Scenes.

PART appears to be used when a single file contains multiple movements

It seems like Roon could make the tagging configurable, i.e., allow the user to specify what tags contain what.

I’ve been playing with different tags using mp3tag and the “Wilhelm Furtwängler: Das Vermächtnis” box set and can’t get anything to display consistently in Roon.

Does anybody have suggestions? While I’m at it does anybody have a suggestion for implementing 4 levels (Work/Act/Scene/Track)?

Finally, Is there any support for multi-evel tagging of recordings? I use SETSUBTITLE for disc titles even though I don’t think Roon supports it. But my Furtwängler box set contains multiple boxes. It isn’t that important that I identify these but I can see other situations where having three levels would be useful.

In Roon parlance, the SECTION tag would be used to record the Act number, and possibly also the Scene number, i.e., “Act 1, Scene 3”. The WORK tag would be used to record the name of the composition, i.e., “Aida, the opera, Op. 37” (fake). The final level is PART, used to record the, er, PARTs of a composition.

Each CD would be IDed by the Disc Number. I’ll stop here and follow up as needed.

Supposing I used this practice, what does Roon do with the TITLE tag? Ignore it? Since Windows Explorer usually displays the TITLE tag, I can put some combined name in it without messing up how Roon displays it?

Good question. Roon seems to use title when WORK and PART are not filled. What I do is this: I fill out WORK and PART (leaving aside SECTION for the moment). Then I concatenate to form the title, as in WORK : PART.