Classical: track performers need to show more clearly sometimes

Observe the second performance listed:

Here the listing is correct. The performer of the composition is clear.

However, when playing the track, look at the “now playing” bar at the bottom:

From my point of view the “now playing” bar really shouldn’t ever say “Various Artists”. That’s just not useful information. And the Work Details page clearly and correctly says who is actually performing. So request 1: We need this in the “now playing” bar at the bottom.

Also, note that in the screen shot above there is no performing listed. In fact in this album, virtually each track is played by a different person. Track credits are here:

I have found on other albums that if I go through adding “Main Artist” track credit identical to the already present single performer credit, the performers are shown on the track listing. But this is a huge amount of work, and seems unnecessary when in other screen Roon displays the needed information.

I realise that there are many things to be balanced here, and that what is obvious for classical (and single-performer classical, at that) may be totally wrong for other genres, but it seems that this could be a bit more transparent.