Classical tracks with bad data in the "Track Artist" field

I have a lot of old ripped classical CDs with garbage in the TRACKARTIST field. Roon has correctly identified the CDs, but in all cases it adds the Track Artist tag data into the “performed by” info. As a result, I have performers in my library like “Uchida/Tate/English Chamber Orchestra” and “Kleiber (1955)”

Is there any way to override this in Roon and tell it to ignore the track artist tags?


YES!! This is one of the best features in 1.3.

It’s not clearly explained in the knowledge base yet so here’s an example:

Rubinstein is a track level Artist tag here and I want to get rid of it. So I’ve selected all of the tracks and click “Edit” in the upper right.

Now I select the “Edit Tracks” tab and click on “Remove Credits.”

This gives me a list of all of the credits present on the selected tracks. I scroll down to “Rubinstein” check the box and click “Done”

You can see here that the Rubinstein credit is being removed here. Click Save.

… and gone.

Now in this case I know I have a lot of tracks with this tag so there’s an even faster way… Go to tracks view and setup a Performer focus.

Select all 76 tracks, click edit and the process is the same.


Someone should copy and paste this into the KB. I’d do it myself if I weren’t about to call it a day. Tell you what - if it’s not in there tomorrow, I’ll find a way to shoehorn it in… Thanks!

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This is really funny, because this never occurred to me because my tags are very clean.

Excellent discovery / observation.


Brilliant, thank you.

I discussed this with @brian, and asked for it to be switchable on an album and/or global basis. He who said it’s by design and going to stay like this. This forces us to edit all our file tags, or edit away the track metadata in each album. But hey.

Nice for you that your tags are clean. Unfortunately with classical releases, we have to take whatever metadata we can get on ripping, as the chance of a non-identification is not as low as with other genres.

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I’ve adapted @AMP 's post, and made a FAQ of it

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This works very well. One thing to note, when you are in Performer focus, you can select more than one performer and edit all their tracks at the same time.

I’m new to Roon, in fact still using the free trial. If I’m not mistaken, Roon (and probably many users) use MusicBrainz to source some of it’s Classical Metadata. This would explain why the Composer ends up in Track Artist. This is totally in accordance with MusicBrainz Style Guidlines for Classical Music:

“The Track Artist field should contain just the composer; not the performer(s).”

Since there are clear guidelines for MusicBrainz’ metadata (, I wonder whether Roon can come up with some sort of mapping of MusicBrainz and Roon metadata which would make more sense in the Roon environment.