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The Roon playlist Classical Weekend is listed, typically, by Artist, with no mention of the Composer! I thought the metadata for classical music had been revised to include this trifling detail. Summer Dreams For Piano is performed by Genova and Dimitrov, but who the f*** wrote the piece? Does it even matter?

You’re right, things could be easier to find out, but…
… if you click the three dots to the right of the title in question and then click “Go to…” the album, all desired info is laid bare:
It’s Amy Beach!

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Clunky, but there! Thanks. But why oh why can’t Roon have a column with the Composer? I mean, isn’t that the most important thing? I failed to see any benefit from the new Roon build, and it obviously didn’t address what I consider to be a basic issue. i.e. not just ‘Symphony’ but whose symphony?

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To be fair, the album title reads Beach: Complete Works for Piano Duo… so with your example, the composer is indirectly mentioned. But not so in other pieces of the playlist. It seems as if the playlist feature simply doesn’t differentiate between ‘classical’ pieces where the composer info is vital, and ‘non-classical’ pieces where it is less so…

My grievance with this particular list is the selection of Anne-Sophie Mutter and Salvatore Accardo’s recording of Bach’s Double Concert… that to me seems a really bad choice…

When I see a playlist, I want to know who the composer of each piece is. I am not going to click on every track to see the composer. It’s clear to me that Roon are not bothered about people who listen to classical music. The same applies to Your Daily Mixes. One of mine reads, ‘James Horner Mix, Featuring John Williams, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Recording Arts Orchestra of Los Angeles and more.’ Really? Playing what? Worse than useless! It’s a ‘feature’ that’s unusable, at least as far as I’m concerned.

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Don’t think that’s the case. But anyway, I get that right now you are really offended and annoyed because of the missing composer column…

To tell you the truth, it’s been building up for months, but you learn to ring-fence aspects that don’t work. However, it’s rather galling to be paying monthly for an inferior (in this respect) service, and to see successive new builds that seem to have no effect and to focus on cosmetic improvements (people’s album art!), which I, for one, never even notice. I’m waiting for Apple’s launch of Primephonic, and then I will be off!

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