Clean install of a roonserver on headless mac mini + roon on remote mac


Having trouble getting this to work. I would like to install ONLY roonserver on my mac mini (to which is attached my main music hard disk and my DAC/living room hifi). I would like NOT to have to manage the music from an instance of the main roon app on the mac mini because it does not have a monitor (it is connected to the TV but it has issues with roon’s resolution requirement). SO, I install roonserver on the mac mini, run it, install roon on the other mac, select to run as a remote, connect to the roonserver on the mac mini, and i’m good. I have deliberately moved any music from the music folders of both the mac mini and the remote mac to other locations, as I do not want roon to start cataloging that music… I want to direct it to the hard disk attached to the mac mini where I want to move all the music to. So now I’m in the storage set up screens, I leave the /music folder enabled in the list of watched folders, turned iTunes off, leave the /roonserver folder in the list of organized folders, but now I want to ADD the path to the music disk to the list of organized folders. I want Roon to organize that disk (which is attached to the mac mini running roonserver).

When I enter the path, user and password, it tells me the “user name or password is incorrect”. I am absolutely sure the path, user and password are correct.

Have tried re-installing everything fresh (deleting library files, restarting, reinstalling, restarting, etc.) countless times. I always get that error.

Is there something fundamentally wrong with my approach? Is the only solution to having roon “organize” the music to have an instance of roon running on the mac mini alongside roonserver?

btw… I am running roon 1.1 build 51 and the latest version of Yosemite on both macs.

Some direction would be greatly appreciated…

My apologies if this is documented somewhere but I did search and did not find even basic setup instructions for the server, only the comments posted here:

which talk about migrating (my case is a fresh install).


[quote=“cdiez, post:1, topic:3320”]
When I enter the path, user and password, it tells me the “user name or password is incorrect”. I am absolutely sure the path, user and password are correct.
[/quote]Hi, can you share with us a little more about the device that your audio files are on, e.g. does it support Server Message Block (SMB), file sharing? If so what version and is it enabled.

It’s is a glyph FireWire drive, connected to the Mac mini over FireWire. I can access all the files on it via smb using finder on the remote computer with no problems. Never had any issues with that drive. If you still need version info I can look it up when I get back home. Should I be trying a usb-connected drive just to see?

Also, be very careful if you set up a “Roon Organzied” folder as Roon will move things around and its a one way street. So I’d have a backup in case. I only used watched folders as that way Roon does not write or move anything.

Yes thanks I did take note of the warning. I do have it backed up. In any event the existing folder structure is from iTunes, and I’m fairly certain I won’t be using that as an interface.

I have realized that I was assuming that the storage tab shows things from the perspective of the remote computer, not the computer running the server, so I was entering a network path to get to the music folder.

HOWEVER, I have tried to enter the local music folder as an “organized” folder using the “add local folder” button at the bottom (I must have been blind I looked right past it), and it is seeing the external disk but adding the folder to the list of WATCHED folders not the ORGANIZED folders.

At this point, it is WORKING (!), so I’m not going to worry so much. BUT… I would like to know what I am losing by NOT having roon organize the music folder.

Can anyone point me to a document that goes through the pros/cons of having roon organize the main music folder?


Just like iTunes did before: If you add something new, Roon will place it in the right folder.

Hey @cdiez – I would echo others in this thread and recommend using Watched Folders for now. Your experience in Roon will be exactly the same, which is one reason we’ve considered removing or changing the Organized Folder feature.

An organized folder will move music files to folders based on how the artist and album appears in Roon. In my opinion, it’s a lot less hassle to just organize your music in Roon and not worry too much about how the files appear on disc. This is doubly true if you have non-music files alongside your media, as Roon will not move PDFs, loose images or cover art, rip logs, etc.

Let me know if that answers your question, or if you have any more issues. Thanks @cdiez!

Would appreciate if someone could please provide steps for a complete “clean install” of RoonServer on a MacOS, including “clean install” of Roon Remotes. I’m willing to forgo the current Roon DB, and want to try 1.1 afresh. Each time I do this, when I launch a freshly installed instance of a remote on another cpu, the old music library crops up as if nothing has changed. I’ve dumped Roon and RoonServer from Applications, Roon folders from user/library and user/music. What am I missing that fresh installs of Roon are still catching?

Update: Indeed that’s the procedure per the topic here:

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