Clean re-install - Which files to delete

I need to perform a completely clean re-install of Roon. Every time I try to launch Roon Core on a MAC that use to only run as a controller, it fails. I would like to do a complete re-install and erase all cached data and configuration information. Besides the application, the RAAT folder and the Roon folder within the library directory, what other files/folders do I need to delete on a MAC? I want to remove all traces of Roon before attempting yet another install.

Hi @Michael_Marsalis ----- Thank you for the post!

Your have summarized the process correctly as removing the application, RAAT folder, and the Roon folder from within the library directory will completely wipe Roon off the mentioned computer. Just remember that this action is permanent and cannot be undone, meaning that all information (edits, playlists, etc) linked to that install will be gone.

Out of curiosity, what has prompted this? It sounds like your Roon core may have been being hosted elsewhere before the mentioned MAC in your report, is this indeed the case? Furthermore, when you say that the application does not launch what exactly is observed? Does Roon or the OS generate any error or warning messages? Does the ICON just continue to bounce without ever loading?


When you say Roon core, do you mean Roon Server? If so, what makes you think it’s failing?