Cleaned deleted files re-appear

Hi @support

I’d try to explain the issue by an example:

  1. I found some deleted files to be cleaned under Library Maintenance

  2. I Clean the library

  3. I force a re-can of my libraries

  4. Deleted files re-appear

So that is the issue I face.

Is there a way to see a list of those “deleted” files?

I’m running ROCK on a NUC8i7 with all libraries located on a Synology NAS.

BR Jan

Do you have the deleted items folder on the NAS within your share path?

Hi @Jan_Ekstrom,

I would agree with @ged_hickman1’s suggestion, I think the files are just being moved to your trash folder on synology:


I didn’t do anything between cleaning the library, seeing no deleted files, and Force re-scan of the folders.
So no other deletions, but they re-appear, so I’m curious about what files this algorithm finds.

No, I have not enabled the Recycle Bin on the Music share, where all my libraries reside:

Additional info:

ROCK OS : Version 1.0 (build 159) stable
Roon Server: Version 1.6 (build 390) stable

I noticed, that it happens when i Force Re-scan on a specific library folder,
and the number of albums increases during re-scan, while immediately getting back
to the previous number of album a little later - just like when you rename a folder.
Even though I didn’t change anything between clearing the deleted files and running the forced re-scan.

BR Jan

Did you physically delete the files or just move them?

Maybe check in the Roon setup that you haven’t got a Watched Folder you don’t know about

I use this feature a lot , Move a file(s) , correct tags, clean up , return to watched folder

Works perfectly for me

Hi @Mike_O_Neill

The thing is, that I have not deleted or changed anything between the “Clean up 48 deleted files” (which get the number down to “Clean up 0 deleted files”) and the Force rescan, which re-introduce the 48 new deleted files…

So, no I haven’t deleted anything, renamed any files or folders, or moved any files - between the Clean and the Rescan…

I’m very well aware about which folders I watch - they are all located under the \diskstation\Music - nothing else - and no one of the folders are with a Recycle bin, as they are all under the same Music shared folder on the Synology NAS…

And yes, I do change the folder names in order to groom my library - just not in this example…

This is just a wild idea, so sorry if it’s no help…but you’re not backing up your Roon database to your watched folder, are you?


No, you’re right.
I have all music in my Music share but I only watch specific 2. level folders like Music/HD and Music/VINYL.
The Roon backup is located in the Music share, but is not any of the watched folders.

Thanks for writing anyway - it could be something I just missed.
BR Jan

Hi @support

Do I need to do something special to close this support case?

Reason ? : I manage to find and isolate the issue that caused this behavior :slight_smile:

It turned out I had two folders called almost the same:

  • “Huey Lewis And The News”
  • “Huey Lewis and the News”

which works well on the Synology NAS but definitely not on Windows and apparently not on ROCK as well. So I had to do the following to get it completely fixed:

  1. Move the three albums from one of the folders over to the other folder that contained one album
  2. Delete the empty folder
  3. Force Rescan
  4. Rename the folder I kept, e.g. “Huey Lewis And The News Renamed”
  5. Force Rescan
  6. Rename the folder to what I wanted it to be, e.g. “Huey Lewis And The News”
  7. Force Rescan

So now I no longer have re-appearing deleted files after running Force Rescan :smiley:

BR Jan

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