Cleaning Out Library

How can I Clean Out Library. I would like to start over with my music organization by first getting Library back to empty.

I then would like to transfer all the albums I have in Playlists to either “Composers” or “Artists” in Library
so that each album for each composer (or artist) is contained within folder that I can title myself.
Such as Peacock, Gary for all my chosen albums from Gary Peacock.

I’m looking for a simple, clean, single place to organize music.

I’ve been using Playlists, but the listing of every track is not what I want.

Please help. This should not be so opaque or onerous!


Clearing out is easy

  1. Remove all storage locations

  2. Clean up library

You should then be at zero albums

As for moving albums in folders…I wouldn’t bother.

Hi Will,

One of the main advantages of Roon is that it permits you to use powerful Focus searches without regard to the underlying file structure and bo9kmark the results for easy later access. If you describe what you are aiming to achieve then the Forum has many experienced users who can probably assist you getting there.