Clear entire library

How do I clear the library of everything and start over? I tried creating another profile but it just kept the same data as the default profile.

I did this by going into Settings and removing all the defined storage folders ( local and network ) and then starting again.

But what I don’t know and I believe you are asking is, if one does this, are favorites, playlists and other things you might have done with the initial Roon Core setup permanently removed, or if you add back the same storage folders will they appear again?

Profiles do not make library-level changes. You can read a bit more about profiles here:

@danny - understood, just out of curiosity, if you did want to “start over” need you only remove the current settings from Roon in the Storage settings and then Add them back in? Or is all the data related to favorites, playlists, et al still there?

I am mostly curious as to the mechanics of whether that is true or not? I don’t have a desire to wipe everything for a clean start which I know can be done by cleaning out the two folders you have posted previously in response to a query on how to fully remove Room from one’s system.

What are those two folders? I already tried uninstalling/reinstalling, which didn’t work.

On Mac:

/Users/USERNAME/Library/Roon is where we hold everything
the app is where ever you put it… like /Application/
we also create a subdirectory in your music folder /Users/USERNAME/Music/Roon

On Windows:
%localappdata%\Roon holds everything, application and all settings and databases and caches and all.
we also create a Roon subdirectory in your music folder

@majnun70 I can verify if you clean those directories it does wipe everything ( I tried it on the Room machine that I was running as Core at first and changed to remote later…

You will need to use Finder -> Go->Go to Folder to get to those folders.

I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t seem to successfully achieve this. I read Danny’s post, above, showing where all the Roon files are on Windows, but I’m no computer guru, and I don’t want to delete anything that will cause me to do a new install.

Any permutation of disabling/enabling or removing I do in the Storage settings just does an instant re-load, keeping changes I enacted on various albums by falling back on local meta.

I want to start completely from scratch; including watching the mesmerizing album-by-album adds via Overview.

Specifically, what do I delete in %localappdata%\Roon, and what do I retain so I don’t have to re-install?

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious…

Hi @trtlrock! I’m having a tough time reconciling these two:

What are you looking to preserve? What are you looking to wipe out?

Let me know and I’m sure we can point you in the right direction!

Only thing I want to preserve is the installation of Roon itself. Want to clear/kill everything other than that. Don’t care about settings – I can easily re-instate those. Want to clear Roon’s memory (cache?) of all folders I may or may not have had it watch since I did the install. Hopefully this makes sense. Win 7…

@trtlrock - Why do you need to preserve the installation of Roon, as opposed to just removing the current installation and doing a new install? If you don’t need anything saved, that would seem the easiest path.

Thought that might reset my acc’t, or blowout my trial. No?

@trtlrock - Short answer is that a physical delete of Roon on one of your computers in no manner impacts your Roon account which for all intent and purposes is stored on Roon’s servers.

So you can safely delete the existing install, download Roon and install it again using the same username/password you used previously.

I have down this previously when I moved my Roon (core) from my Macbook Pro to a Mac Mini.

Bingo – thanks.

Glad you got it sorted, and thank you community for helping out while the US is having a holiday :slight_smile:

No rush Danny, but when you or another Roonie has a chance, could you tell me explicitly what files to delete to accomplish the same without a complete uninstall/reinstall… Thanks

@trtlock - everything but the %localappdata%\Roon\Application subdirectory – Roon will create everything else from scratch.

Your software is not licensed by the way, @bplexico was right… if you blew away the whole Roon dir and reinstalled, relogged in, all would be exactly as you want, with no hassles. If you switched to a different computer, you would have 1 extra screen with 1 button click to deauthorize the first computer, and then all would proceed like normal. It’s really simple.

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