Clear Queue Before

It would be useful to have an option to clear the queue prior to the playing track and also as an option when you select a track in the Queue.

At the moment AFAICS, you either have to delete the queue completely and re-add or else delete individual tacks which is a pain.

When you select a track in the queue, you get the option to Play from here and Remove. The addition of Clear prior (or similar) would be great. :slightly_smiling_face:

May I ask why you would want to clear prior tracks in a queue?
You are referring I assume to tracks that have already played either from a playlist or album correct?

Not saying it has no purpose as I first world like to understand the reason why?

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I add stuff to the queue and then decide I want to repeat or shuffle the current selection and don’t want all the previous stuff included from wherever I decide to clear previous. Often my quue might have a lot of playlists / albums in it.

As far as deleting, if you long click on a track, it highlight’s the track and brings up an options ribbon. While this options ribbon is there you can click on other tracks and remove them or do the other options available from the three dots on the ribbon.

For the shuffle part, AFAICS, the shuffle only effects the upcoming tracks and does not include the already played tracks.

Oh, and if you really want to clear everything, scroll up to the very top of the queue (top of the already played tacks, hint grab the slider on the right and drag it to the top), click on the first track and click “play from here”. Stop/pause the playback, then click “clear upcoming” and all the tracks will be removed from the queue.

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I don’t want to clear everything: I want to clear all tracks prior to the currently selected track and leave all upcoming tracks.

So, you can do that by long clicking the last track that was played (the ribbon will come up on the top of the window) then scroll up to the top and then shift click on the track at the top and then click “remove from queue”. Yes, I know, this is not the simple button that you are looking for but it gets you what you are wanting to do with a few extra steps.

Thanks for the tip :slightly_smiling_face: