Clear search box

A very small detail but would be nice to have an ‘x’ or something to clear the search box


Another idea would be for it to just pop up already cleared each time you click on it, especially on the ipad. On the desktop when you click on search the previous search pops up but it is already highlighted so you can just start typing, on the ipad you have to hold the backspace key.
Also anyway for the keyboard in Roon to not use auto correct? I like having auto correct on the ipad for when i’m typing on forums, but in Roon it makes a mess of searching for artists/albums.

Was thinking of the same, personally would prefer the x instead of totally cleared. In case of a typo you would have tot re-type all.

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Thanks guys, for your feedback. I informed our team regarding your request, we’ll discuss this case and get back to you with final decision.

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I also feel the need for an x to clear the search box. I invariable start typing only to later find out that I have now concatenated the old with the new search.