Clear up audio devices to start anew

Roon Core is installed on a MacMini (X 10.13.6) connected to the main router.
Living has a Sonore UltraRendu (ip,
Office has a Sonore MicroRendu (ip,
both running most recent sonicorbiter 2.7.

Issue is the following: when both Rendus are switched to RoonReady, only the first one which was switched is seen by Roon, the other one is missing. I think I know how the issue was created, and I would like to reconfigure my audio devices in Roon from scratch. How do I erase the audio devices cache or equivalent to re-establish my two zones and be able to activate them simultaneously?

If I’m allowed to guess - :warning: trying anything of the below may be plain wrong and could render your setup useless. Especially without a backup …

First, switch the endpoints off so Roon will later on look for those anew.

It’s unchartered territory for me but I believe device related settings are stored under
home folder > Library > Roon >

  • Settings and more important from what I could muster
  • Database > Registry > Core

Again: before trying to manipulate things at least have a backup or better wait for more clever people than me to chime in.

Well, in those folders you might try to find any files which could point to devices / device configurations (like starting with "endpoint_… ") and get rid of those.

Update: if you’re using fixed IPs for your endpoints you could try to assign new IPs to them (if possible) so Roon would detect the devices as additional devices. Just an idea.

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Thanks u_gee for the pointers, really saved me a lot of time and I could open up those files in textedit to peruse what was in there (and I understand all the caveats as software companies are understandably very weary of users messing up with the internal stuff, makes support a nightmare)

Tried a few things:

  1. reassigned new IP addresses to both devices, issue remains
  2. moved relevant files relating to these two devices to a backup folder, issue remains

It is really quite stunning and perplexing:

  • with both devices active and set to spotify, they obviously don’t show up in Roon
  • I switch one device to RoonReady, it shows up in Roon/Audio/Networked Devices/RoonReady
  • I switch the other device to RoonReady also, and then that second device shows up in Audio, but the first one has disappeared…

At least kudos to the Roon team for the behaviour of the Core and Control interfaces, they react exactly the same at the same time :wink:

I suppose there’s a lot to try here - maybe also with the Rendus I have no real idea about. But one thing I could think of:

  • shut the Roon Core down
  • set both rendus to Roon Ready
  • bring the Core back on

What happens then?

Else: maybe others have better ideas. :wink:

Cleaning up the device database in Roon isn’t going to cure this. Each endpoint device is supposed to present a unique Roon client ID to the network (this is a Roon Ready requirement). The likely reason that you’re seeing this behavior is that each of your rendus is presenting the same ID.

I’m not familiar with the product, but I’m assuming that there’s some sort of factory reset function and I hope that would reset the ID as well. Not sure how you got to this state other than potentially copying the SD card from one to the other.


You are correct Andrew on how I got to that point, I was troubleshooting the microR and attempted to run the ultra’s card into it (which partially solved the initial problem I was having with the microR, i.e. not showing up on my network at all).
However, the microR now has been reset to its original factory settings (or so I thought), I’ll check with Jesus at Sonore.
Thanks for pointing out how RoonReady works, that narrows down the solution path considerably, I’m pretty sure you’re dead on the money as to what’s happening (i.e. both devices sharing the same unique ID).

Ok, it took me 30 sec of blank stare at my screen to realize what had happened and figure out the solution, thanks to Andrew’s comment about RoonReady:

it’s not the physical devices, their oS or Roon that were the issue, it’s the RoonReady app on both devices which was the same (don’t ask me how it got there, I know but Jesus will shoot me if I share with the world :wink: )

Easy fix: uninstall RoonReady on the microR, reinstall a fresh version, and voilà!, now both devices show up in Roon Audio.

Same with Spotify btw…

Thanks to u_gee and Andrew P for prompting my brain to think more deeply!

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