Cleared the queue

I was scrolling up through the queue history to find a track I played a couple of weeks ago. As I was doing this the last track in the queue finished and the queue and history cleared. Is this a bug?
I can find the track from History.

I suffered the same on Android remote. If you close the application and reopen it, then the history reappears.

Thanks, but it didn’t work. I should have said that I was using an Android when this happened. I restarted the application but the queue was still empty. The remote on my computer is the same - an empty queue.

Hey @Bart_Maguire and @DanielAvasilichioaei,

I wanted to say how sorry we are for the 20 day delay in getting back to you :pleading_face:

I’m sorry about the empty queue when you expected otherwise. Is this still happening? Please, let us know, so we can help if needed :slight_smile:

Hi Rebeka, it happened once, when I was looking through the queue history. I don’t have time or resources to try to reproduce it, but it should note have happened and was inconvenient.