Clearer distinction between Roon genres, file tags and Roon edits

First and foremost: I really like the 3-tier way of organising Tags and the possibilities they create! This is just one of the systems that makes Sooloos seem old hat.

However, I prefer a clearer distinction between Roon genres, embedded file tags and Roon edits. I want the 3 layers to also visually be represented as the separate layers they are. For example by placing tem on a separate row, or even better, a separate row + different colour.

For me it is most important in album views, where I want my own edits always on a separate row for easy distinction. For example, I add friends’ names so that I can browse only CD’s from their collections. I understand that this could be selected using the Tag button in the top bar, but for me this isn’t enough.

Perhaps having the 3-tier distrinction would also be handy in the genres browser.

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I’m not really sure what you mean with the example about browsing a friends’ CD collection… Are you saying that you take someone else’s ripped music and add it to your own and then want to indicate point of origin? Or are you saying you want to tag your copy of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours as also being IN your friends collection?

Hi Daniel,

I mean the former. Next to my own library with downloaded music I also have a library of all my ripped CD’s as well as ripped CD’s from various friends, and I want to keep the distinction clear. But this is only one example why I’d like the three layers to be more visibly that: three layers.


There is a workaround for what I want using Focus - Inspector, then selecting on Storage Location. This works as long as the various different folders that I want to be able to sort on have been added as Watched Folder separately.

Still, using tags will work much better. It’s just that I’d like to see my own tags and genres on separate rows when browsing in Album view, not mixed in with the other Roon tags.