Clearing Queue question?

Lots of threads here about different Queue issues but how does one just clear the play queue?

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First click will Clear Upcoming, second will Clear All.

What page is that from. I am not seeing it.

That’s the Queue screen, which is accessed by clicking the musical stave icon in the footer.

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Damn, so obvious once you pointed it out.

Thank you.

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The Roon Knowledge Base should ease the learning curve. It’s still in the process of being updated for 1.4 however, so some entries, such as Queue, aren’t up to date.

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We really need a one or at most two step “clear all played” option.

Just noting the current functionality for “clear all played”, which is 5 clicks:

Select a Track, any will do (right click or long press)
Selection Menu (top left of Selection header in the Queue pane)
Select Played
Triple dot menu (Selection header)
Remove from Queue