Clearing: Re:[## 271638 ##] unable to access database after last night upgrade

I cannot find ticket to clear it.

I cannot find any of my posts by searching. Responding to an email about being up and running which I am. I have posted how I got there.

Many things in build 882 do not work right via views on my iPad Mini which I use as a remote controller but the issues are numerious and obvious and have always been a little flacky on the iPad. The iPad was updated to Build 880.

Regardless I have music again and have now exported my playlist.

How do I see just posts from Roon support and how do I see only my posts or my replys to other posts?

None of the support suggestions seem to ever work, at least on this issue.

Click on the A icon in your post.
Then click on it again in the pop up window.


thahks for the info!

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