Click between tracks on macOS 10.14 and Explorer2 with 354

@support,I have just moved my Mac mini from 10.8.5 to 10.14 due to Roon 354 not working on older OS. So far so good however I notice that there is a click between tracks when playing MQA content out to Meridian Explorer2 connected to the Mac mini.

Core is on Roon ROCK, just client on Mac mini.

Content, Fairytales by Radka Toneff plays fine apart from the click between tracks. I notice if I restart a track, there is also a click, ie almost as though the is a slight issue when starting to play a track.

The issue does not seem to be present on other material - I only have a couple of other MQA tracks with which to test. All content coming from a Synology NAS.

It did not do this in the earlier version of Roon on 10.8.5 with same material on same set-up apart from Roon version and macOS change.

Any thoughts?

An update, just tried the Explorer2 on a Win 10 PC running 354 - also clicks at start of tracks - perhaps just content related?