Click play on an album, some other album plays

I searched for “Mahler 2”. The top hit was a performance by San Francisco Symphony from my local library. Clicked on that album. It shows an additional performance below. When I clicked play on the main result, one of the additional performances (different artists, not in my local library but in tidal) plays. I can reproduce this consistently. I don’t think this has anything to do with my setup, most likely a general bug, that’s why I did not include my setup details.

Looks like you’re not playing an album but a composition (should play through all the available performances) instead. Choose a specific performance or an album to play first if that is what you want.

Ah, ok. But it is confusing to show album art for a specific performance of the composition. The art looked very familiar, so that’s why I expected my library performance to play. Maybe better to show the composer’s picture?

Hi @hacker19,

Apologies for the delayed response here, looks like we missed this one. As @BlackJack mentioned, this is expected behavior because you are attempting to play a composition, if you wish to play the individual performance you can use the smaller play button next to it. Hope this helps!

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