Clicking in left channel when Roon plays 24/96 or higher

I’m having a playback problem I have not been able to solve myself. I hear a light clicking sound, like the pop on a record, from my left speaker when Roon plays 24/96 or higher files. I have been able to stop this by turning off Roon, going into my MIDI settings, and resetting them to 44.1/24. But after a while I start hearing the clicking again, and when I go back into my MIDI settings they are set at 24/96.

I guess it could be my DAC (W4S DAC-1). But should Roon be messing with my MIDI settings? I thought it bypassed all of that stuff.

Any suggestions?

Hey @Danny_Fahy – sorry for the slow response here. Can you let me know a bit more about your setup?

In particular it would be good to see a screenshot of your audio settings on the W4S DAC-1, so we can understand how you have things configured. Let us know and we’ll figure out what’s going on here.