Clicking noise during playback

I am really pleased with the audio quality of Roon but I have a problem, after about 10 minutes of playback an annoying click starts to develop which sounds a bit like a stylus jumping on an old vinyl record. If I pause playback for a minute and restart the click goes away but returns again after 10 minutes or so of playback.
I have not had this issue with other replay media such as Audirvana+ or JR21
My system is late 2013 MBP, 8GB ram, 2.6 i5, OSX 10.11.2.
Sabre based dac.
Music stored on external mains powered hard drive.

I guess the DAC is connected to your MBP directly? Can you confirm that it is set to Exclusive mode in Output Settings (Settings > Audio > Gear icon next to your DAC) and that no other applications (like JR or Audirvana) are trying to claim exclusive mode for your DAC at the same time?

My dac is connected directly via USB, Roon is set to exclusive mode no other applications are running.
Maybe Roon needs a playback from memory feature like A+ and JR have?

Thanks for the report @stephen_hayes – can you let us know a few more details about your DAC?

This is my dac
It is a Sabre based player connected to my MBP via async usb, I have had no clicking issues with my other media players.

Thanks @stephen_hayes – I just sent you some instructions for uploading logs to us. Take a look and we’ll go from there.


Just an update to say I sorted the issue by swapping over the usb ports that I had my dac and HDD connected up to on the MBP. I guess one of the ports must not have been delivering the correct voltage or there was something causing a glitch on the usb bus.

Just goes to show how difficult for Mike and Co. it must be dealing with so many different configurations and DACs etc.

Glad you’ve got it sorted