Clicking noise when playing 24/192 and DSD64 [Resolved]

When I play 24/192 tracks and DSD64 tracks the sound chatters( Pausing and starting)

I’m running a Mac mini
Version 10.9.5
2.4 GHz intel core 2 duo
8 GB ram
My DAC is an Ayre QB9

What network setup do you have? That’s a rather old Mac And Is well under spec for minimum requirements.

Thank you for your response. I’m not running a network. My external hard drive is hard wired to my computer. My CPU is running between 80-90% idle. Now my red book tracks are skipping. I have been running audirvana with no issues. I noticed on your forum, there are people running computers with lower hardware specs than my computer.

An i3 is minimum reccomended CPU for a Roon Core. The lower powered small computing devices run Roon Bridge, which is an Output only. See here as to Architecture.

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try running roon server and not the full GUI and see if that helps. also turn off any DSP functions too. you can bring up the remote on the mini if you dont have any other remote setup like iOS device or tablets etc

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Thanks. My wife suggested I log in as a different user and not activate iTunes. That solved the problem. Something on my computer didn’t like Roon. Thanks for your help.