Clicks on Tidal MQA tracks + Teac NT-505

I’m testing Roon on a MacBook Pro and a network wired Teac NT-505 (gigabit network)
I clearly hear random clicks on all MQA tracks.

Using Lumin iOS app (that streams directly to the dac) the sound is clean, no clicks.

The TEAC NT-505 must be firmware updated (1.21) via usb (mini usb cable), the iOS app updates some firmware parameters not the core.

Update #01
Unfortunately clicks are random also if the firmware is updated.
The clicks issue appears only if I set the Teac NT-505 as Decoder+Renderer
No clicks if I set the Teac NT-505 as Rendered only and Roon as MQA decoder.

I tested on MacOS and Windows 10 Pro (bootcamp)