Client on macOS stuck in search and cannot do anything

Roon Core Machine

My Roon core is running on Mac mini m1 8G RAM , Monterey 12.4
The problem is showing when using MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Max 32G Ram) Monterey 12.4

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connection via router

Connected Audio Devices

Using iOS app to play music on Bluetooth speaker

Number of Tracks in Library

around 30,000

Description of Issue

When playing music on bluetooth speaker via iOS app, I used MacBook to check the track that is playing, then I saw it says there are 2 more versions in my library so I click on the icon, then it get stuck but the Roon core and playback is working properly. However, when I force quit the app on my MacBook and restart, it will resume from the page before quit. So everytime I restart the app, it get stuck at that page. I can’t do anything in that device but other devices work correctly. How can I do except re-install the app? I cannot prevent it from resuming to the previous page. I have tried to restart the core, the MacBook and the app itself but not work.

Update: I tried reinstall but it will still resume from the page that get stuck.


Same principal

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Hey @Chengxian_Yao,

Thanks for taking the time to write in! I’m sorry to hear you’re running into issues with Roon freezing on your MBP.

Does this issue only happen when you look at alternative versions of a track? Or, do you find this freezing issue happening no matter where you click after a track is playing?

@ged_hickman1 is steering you in the right direction by sharing a similar topic that runs through a few suggestions to try.

Let me know if you’re still having issues after going through the above :+1:

Thank you for the reply!
This issue only happens in full screen mode with some specific tracks, when I try it in window mode it works fine, actually I solved the problem by deleting anything without the “settings” folder under ~/Library/Roon/

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