Clients cannot connect to server

Roon Core Machine

Del R710 96Gb RAM 110Tb 2 x Xeon X5650
UNRAID with ROON Docker

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear Switches and Asus Router

Connected Audio Devices

PC, Phone

Library Size


Description of Issue

I have been using ROON for about 6 Months and have had several problems with ROON and have had to rebuild from scratch and I have just had the same problem again and would like to avoid a rebuild.

ROON has been working find for several months, though I have not had much time to listen to music recently. I fired it up this week and all was well. However I had to restart my server, which is running a ROON Docker and after that the clients cannot connect, any ideas what to try?

Roon has started on the server and the logs look clean, I have tried disabling my AV but it doesn’t work on either my PC or my phone so I doubt that that is it.

I haven’t changed anything about ROON on the server or the PC since it was working.

Hello @RidleyRumpus,

I’m so sorry we’ve missed your post until today :pleading_face:

Thanks for letting us know the issues you’ve ran into. I was wondering, alongside an antivirus, do you also have firewall enabled on any of your Windows machines (Core or client)? Could you please temporarily disable it and see if it helps?

Could you please let us know what device your phone is?

Also, can you please make sure all Roon devices are running the same (latest) version of Roon?

Thanks a lot :pray:

Hey @RidleyRumpus,

I hope the summer has been going well for you and Roon just the same. However, I wanted to make sure we can help if there’s an opportunity - could you please let us know if there’s anything we can do :nerd_face:

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