Clipping audio, James Bay

I get a lot of clipping on this song no matter what DAC I use to play it with.
Is something wrong with my system or?
I turned on the clipping indicator but it shows nothing.
Not the only song this occurs with …

Hard to tell with no details. Why don’t you file a support request in the Support section, using the template there to convey enough information?

I gave it a listen directly from Tidal and through Roon. I think it is just a pretty bad recording sound quality wise. The track sounded awfully distorted. Its from 2020 (it was literally released today!). I thought the loudness was was over :thinking:

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There are a lot of recordings like this. Heavily distorted. I think they have f-ed up the files somehow.
This is not “distortion”, it’s an insane amount of clipping.

Possibly. The guitars at the beginning of the track sound particularly awful. I don’t think there is anything wrong with your system.

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I reported to Tidal.
Here’s another one but there are countless examples. Not sure why people don’t complain.

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