Clipping counter

Would like to suggest a “clipping counter” feature. I would like to enable upsampling but I don’t think it’s reasonable to keep watch of the clipping indicator to know if and/or when clipping is occurring. If a tally of the number of clips during a track could be recorded for reference that would be great, or even if a single clip event occurs during a track that would enable one to make the smallest changes to manage headroom.


I have a couple songs I know clip and I know where. If upsampling I use those to adjust. But you’re absolutely right and this would be a nice feature. I don’t need to keep this data in the DB but a counter of the current track or queue would be helpful.

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Is the flashing red not a good indicator? Do you need a number?

So here’s the scenario: you’ve activated sample conversion to upsample at power of 2 (for example,) you’re listening to a redbook album and like what you hear, but, at let’s say, track 3, you notice (by chance) the clipping indicator fires once. So, you adjust the headroom by -1 (because you don’t want to attenuate the signal more than you have to) replay the track and no more clipping, BUT, you notice it again (by chance) on track 6, you need to attenuate more, right?
So unless you’re gong to watch the clipping indicator for the whole album my suggestion is, could it be simple to implement some kind of clipping counter?


I’m not sure how many people just stare continuously at or near the Roon signal path listening to music, watching for clipping. I don’t.

HQPlayer has a limiting counter.

This is would be a useful feature for Roon @brian


I agree. A long time ago I used Brutefir (BrutefirDRC for LMS). When clipping occurred I could mostly hear it, but more importantly also see it in logs. Brutefir logged the exact dB amount of clipping making it easy to adjust levels.