Clipping indicator when only upsampling?

With headroom set to 0 and clipping indicator turned on, I’m seeing the indicator turn red on certain albums with only upsampling enabled.

Minimum Phase 44.1->176.4

@brian is there a reason or is this a bug?

There’s a reason: it’s clipping. You need some headroom for upsampling.

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Not a bug. Those are inter-sample overs. See here:

Most other apps silently clip these. Some just add fixed headroom when upsampling. We made our clipping indicator more sensitive to help people manage this issue confidently.

Thanks! I don’t remember seeing those details the first time I read the wiki.

@brian, one side effect of having to use headroom management with upsampling 44.1 & 48, is now every other format runs through dsp even if you don’t want it to. I want anything greater than 48 and DSD to go direct.

Upsampling needs it own headroom control or something.