Clipping of first 0.5 second of songs

“My” problem:
Playback of every song using Roon results in clipping of the first about 0.5 s of the music.
This glitch happens when I listen to my SSD drive library (see below) and also when streaming TIDAL.
This problem does never happen when I either use Bluesound or TIDAL (in the Bluesound App) without Roon. I searched the internet and various Roon users experienced the same problem.
In almost no case, this problem could be solved according to the internet threads.
BTW: It did not help to change the delay (?) settings for any player as suggested by Roon support for these customers (and myself).

My (2 channel) systems for the tests (over several days) were:
Living room: Ethernet-wired Nucleus as core connected to USB port of NuPrime IDA-16 integrated amp DAC. My CD library was on an SSD drive connected to the USB port of Nucleus. Main (“Attic”) system: D-Link Power Line Network kit connected to Node-2 connected via optical cable to NAD D3045 integrated amp. The music reproduction (“sound”) quality via Bluesoud is REALLY GOOD according to my taste, but playback via Roon is not better. The living room system is soundwise at about 70% of the quality of the Attic system.

The initial sound clipping also occurrs in both systems when I used my MacBook as core (connected wireless). However, clipping does NOT happen when I play Roon from the MacBook to its cable-connected external display.

Update (using the Apple MacBook Air as Roon Core):
The same problem as described above occurs still. Specifically, musical signal clipping by about 0.5 s occurs at the start of every song with both TIDAL streaming or replaying from my new Bluesound Vault-2i CD library. I have this problem now using either my new NAD M32 with integrated BluOS DMC or the NAD D3045 connected to the Node-2 or my new Vault-2i. If I connect the D3045 via USB directly with the MacBook, there is no clipping.

So, what’s going on and how can I use Roon without this deal-killing flaw?

Hello @Klaus_Ballanyi,

Based on the symptoms you are seeing, it appears that this issue is a flaw in the Roon Ready implementation on Bluesound devices. I’m going to file this in a ticket for the QA team to reproduce. If they’re seeing the same thing you are with the Bluesound devices we have in-house, we will reach out to the Bluesound team and get this fixed.


Hi John

Many thanks for the note regarding trying to see the same thing with your in-house Bluesound devices. I don’t think thought that this is the issue as I am quite sure to remember that the same glitch occurred a couple of months ago when I used played songs either from my SSD drive connected to a Nucleus as core CD library or direct TIDAL streaming using a NuPrime IDA-16 amp directly connected via the USB port to a nucleus without any involvement of Bluesound.

Regards, Klaus

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