Clock displays wrong time after update from legacy to 2022.11.2

Now change the timezone setting.

I tried a couple different timezones, updated the configuration, manually cycled to the time display, but still only GMT is displayed.

Can you send me feedback after you changed the timezone to ‘Europe/Luxembourg’?
So without rebooting?

I was on LU. So I switched to Dublin and rebooted. Then went back to LU, saved but did NOT reboot and sent feedback : 457959e4fed79390457959e4fed79390


Hmmmmm… there is something strange going on.

Everytime you write the configuration with the timezone set correctly (Europe/Luxembourg), it is being set back to UTC when running the configure.

Can’t look any further into it, but it would mean something is corrupted on your system.

Can you do one more finale check? With ‘Europe/Amsterdam’ as timezone, because I know for sure this one should work (as all my systems do have this).


You mean something corrupted in my Ropieee system or my general setup?

Should I reconfigure before the feedback dump?

yes please.

I changed to ‘Europe/Amsterdam’ timezone and reconfigured.
NO change, GMT is displayed.

I have noticed that towards the end of the reconfiguration and error message displays for a couple of seconds: Connection problem! Cannot connect, Ensure Roon core is running.

that’s normal.

The not functioning timezone is not.

For now I see 2 options: wait for the next update which will install a complete new image: any possible problems (corruption or something like that) are gone. Or reflash.


I will wait.