Clock has reverted to White from Custom blue #0000FF

@spockfish Harry Seems one of my displays has reverted to white clock today maybe after its scheduled restart at 6+AM tho it still shows as custom in the GUI

Logs have been sent to RoPieee HQ with unique identifier 1f2406404e45c933

Again I can’t read your logfile.

this has happened quite few times with feedback from your side.
Anything fancy going on with your infrastructure that prevents this?

Can’t think of anything but I might just replace the sd card and see if this helps. Might restart it too and see if it comes back blue too.

A reboot returned the blue clock…will see if it sticks after the scheduled one tmro morning

Ive rebuilt with a new SD card so just to check you get the feedback I have sent one just now with unique identifier 9bc924d1306d3260

ok, I have a clue what it might be: a timing thingie. This new way of providing the settings to the touchscreen requires some services to be available, and depending on boot order that could fail. If that happens the screen reverts to the default settings.

I’m going to make sure these dependencies are explicitly met during boot, so that might solve it.

OK so feedback worked this time? anyway the display is at 0000FF currently so for now its all good.

All my units default to daily reboots for now and all on XL beta

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