Cloning Roon database

I’ve been thinking about the minimum Roon change that would enable me to keep multiple Roon setups in different locations in sync with respect to all the information about my library, including activity and whatever influences Valence recommendations. I don’t mind paying for multiple Roon licenses (cheap relative to the audio gear I have at those locations). I’ve also good methods for cloning my local music tracks (via Syncthing in my case, but there are many other folder hierarchy syncing schemes out there). But Roon database backup is not quite right for this, I think, because it saves more than just library state AFAIK. In an ideal world, I could push a button on location A core and get a sync’able image that location B core can ingest and update itself to. How bits go from A to B would be up to me (portable drive, Syncthing, some other scheme).

As it is, I have a small fanless core that I carry between locations, but that is not ideal when travel has to be quick (as in everyday commute) or weight-limited (as in flying). Multi-homed folks have become a bit more common since the pandemic disrupted normal home-work patterns, and they are unlikely to ever return to their pre-pandemic patterns.

Hi @Fernando_Pereira,

Does the Roon Database Backup / Import feature not work for you?

When I tried a long while ago, it was very awkward because backup saves a lot more than just the library state, so I needed to go and fix a bunch of settings etc.

As an aside, I don’t believe one can Restore a backup between different licenses, and probably not a clone either, however one does that.

My ideal situation is that I have cores A, B, … and I can almost automatically sync their library states. Wherever I am, I see the same history, recommendations, metadata updates.

I expect such a synchronization function to be implemented with roon mobile