Cloning the M.2 NVMe drive in Nucleus RevB

I am about to purchase a second-hand Nucleus. Obviously I’m well aware it will no longer be warrantied - that’s the risk of buying used kit! The only concern I have is that I have a spare 256Gb M.2 and would like to clone the existing M.2 to it and keep the original Transcend for a spare “just in case”.

The thing is I’ve read on here that the end user is unable to do this and the drive must be returned to Roon? The exact wording is;

“We have to do this work, it can’t be done in the field due to how the operating system is installed”.

Seriously? Is this really the case?

You don’t need to clone the drive.
Tell Roon support you want to add a new drive.
Backup roon.
Swap drive and install Rock on it and sign in etc.
Roon support can add the additional nucleus specific bits.
Restore the backup.