Close Roon to tray [Windows]

Is there an option to close Roon to tray instead of the taskbar on Windows? I think this is especially useful on Windows endpoints just used as a remote control device. If there is I can’t find it. :slight_smile:

Not for the “All-in-one” version of Roon. Roon Server is designed for use in the Tray. You could install Roon Server and use that as your Core, and just keep the All-in-one Roon as your Control (UI) component if you wish. Then you can set up a queue and close Roon, and the Server would keep running and play your music…

That’s not a workaround for endpoints, but for Roon Core on a Windows PC.

I’m looking for the “close to tray” function on my Windows notebook used as a Roon Remote. I’m already using the Roon Server. Smells like a new feature request. :slight_smile:


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PCs which are just endpoints and running RoonBridge, like RoonServer, live in the tray and not the taskbar.

Yes, I get that. I would like a “minimize to tray” / “close to tray”, like the Spotify or Tidal client, when using Roon on Windows.

Yes, it does.