Cloud Backup services

I use a WD MyCloud for a NAS. I would like to back that up to a cloud. Does anyone have experience trying this? What services do you recommend? I’m looking at Backblaze, but their personal backup service specifically excludes a NAS. (Also, I’m in the UK. I think some services are available here but some only available in the US.)

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I’m saving back-ups to Dropbox Plus (2 TB).
Copies are synced to my NAS.

I thought it was named that way because WD provides a cloud service with these products (

I have 36TB backed up with Backblaze, spread across five computers and two RAIDs. All drives are attached directly to a computer. It’s fast and doesn’t use many resources. If you don’t have to have your drive networked without a computer, it’s a great deal.
Note: I have a synchronous 1GB fiber connection.

I have my music stored on a 4tb, usb connected, external hard drive. I bought two of them, and every few weeks copy from the “live” to the “backup” one. In addition, I have Google “backup and sync” save off the music, metadata and Roon backups to my Google drive. On my personal “work” computer I connect the drive and backup to Carbonite. A little “over the top”…maybe, but for me to recreate my over 1tb of music files, I shutter to think of how long that would take!

Hi all, thanks for your comments. In the end, I copied my music and photos from the server to a spare external drive, then backed that up to BackBlaze. So that gives me an extra local backup, but also BackBlaze will backup a connected external drive but not a server. Not ideal, because it means I can’t back up automatically as intended, but at least my collection is now safe.