Coaxial out instead of Ethernet?

My router is Fios g3100. I use the Ethernet port to my Cambridge streamer. There is also a coaxial port on the router. Could I use the coaxial port from router to streamer, instead of Ethernet? Just wondering if this would be a better option since some of my 192khz files don’t play or skip and go to next track

Does the streamer have a 2.5G coax network port? If it doesn’t this would not make any difference.

Really, a gigabit Ethernet, if it works, is more than sufficient for playing 32/768 streams to multiple endpoints at once, if there is an issue it must be elsewhere.

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No, different connection protocols are used. The coaxial port on the router is used for network connections to a DOCSIS or similar network, and uses an F connector. The coaxial port on a streamer, using a different coaxial connector similar to an RCA connector, uses the SPDIF protocol which is used a connecting a digital music stream.


How about an adapter?

There is no adapter to translate between DOCSIS, a telecommunications standard for transmitting generic high-bandwidth data to a cable television system, and S/PDIF, a protocol to transmit digital audio data.

Anyway, Ethernet bandwidth limitation is not what causes dropouts on 192 kHz audio transmission, that’s a drop in the bucket for gigabit Ethernet. 192/24 in stereo, uncompressed, is about 10 megabit per second. Gigabit Ethernet does 1000 megabit per second. You’d have to try very hard to saturate this so much that the audio packets can’t get through in time.


I don’t think MoCA and DOCSIS are quite the same, but in general, yes, there’s nothing that could convert that plug into anything one could plug into the streamer other than another Ethernet port (I notice that it could be either LAN or WAN connection) and the regular Ethernet that’s already there is more than good enough for something is measly as 24/192.

If the problem is only with some tracks it is unlikely to be a network issue anyway, but did you try different ports on the router?

I tried one different port, same thing. Will try the others. Pretty much tried everything else. Same songs/albums won’t play at 192khz. Also stinks because the Dylan albums that skip are only in 192khz version, no other version available. Not sure why that is

Have you tried just downsampling them to 24/96?

If it is feasible, could you plug the streamer (if it has USB input) directly into your Roon Core and see if those tracks play that way? Could files themselves be bad?

I’ve had dropouts here with both my Cambridge streamer and my MacBook Pro with Roon. But now that both my Cambridge and my Roon Core are connected through Ethernet the dropouts have disappeared. 24/192 plays perfectly fine through a 2 router setup now.

2 routers, how does that work?

Routers route traffic between networks according to some rules. There are many routers on the internet between you and wherever your traffic needs to go. With two (or more) routers in the home, you create different networks at home, and each router needs rules to know how to move the traffic between them. This way you can isolate things from each other, but it also adds complexity.

Easy. Internet arrives through my ISP’s router. And I’ve connected my own router through Ethernet to it. My own router then handles the rest of the network traffic.

I have 2 separate networks indeed. The only complex thing I’ve had to setup was getting Roon ARC to work. Everything else just works right away.

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Sure, in your case with an ISP router and a personal one, there is essentially only one rule to route internet-bound traffic from the personal router to the ISP router. I was describing the general case with multiple routers.

I may try it. So, I could have one router just dedicated to my roon core and my streamer, and the other router used for everything else correct?

You can do so yeah.

I’ve went dual routers because the Wifi of my ISP’s router has a tendency to drop for a few seconds a lot. Which means that Roon quits playing, and often while watching Youtube or playing games I’m getting disconnects etc. as well.

The Wifi on my own ASUS router is superb. I did connect my Roon Core and my main streamer (Cambridge Audio CXNv2) through Ethernet. But everything else connects through Wifi.

Sands, which Asus router do you have? My Best Buy sells them

This one.

Thanks, gonna shop today

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So, guy at Best Buy said don’t bother, another router hooked up to present router will not fix the problem?

Will try that