Coaxial out instead of Ethernet?

This would be a better option for now, at least you should be able to find where the problem is.

Running with two routers is possible, but generally requires more advanced setup, and unlikely to help in this case anyway.

Surprising that Best Buy guy actually knew what he was talking about.

Is there a way for me to run diagnostics on my 192khz files that stutter, skip, then go to next track?

Why not file a support request in the Support category? Fill in the form, and see what Roon professionals have to say.

Otherwise, you could simply downsample the 192 kHz files to something reasonable, like 48 kHz. See if that helps. Odds are this is an issue with either your DAC or your Core computer.

You could also look at the Roon logs for clues.

Are these all 192 files or just some of them? Local files or Qobuz? Do lower-res files play fine?

Just some, about 10%

Interesting, because if it’s always the same file, this hints that it has nothing to do with the network. The data amount is the same for all 192/24 files.

If you upload an example somewhere, I’ll try if it plays fine here.

I know that you previously had issues with some 192/24 streams from Qobuz to a Blusound Node. Are you still using that Node?

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Downsampling does work. But I usually shuffle my library, so I can’t really do that because I don’t know when one will pop up

As far as I can tell you can configure that only 192 kHz files should be downsampled


I put the node in another room, second stereo set up. It’s replaced it in main room with Cambridge MXN10. I think you said before you could play the tracks I could not. The ones in particular are Zappas Shut up and play your guitar album and Dylan’s first album. There are many others but that’s a couple
The Cambridge does the same thing as the Node

Right but what about the 90% that play

I get why you wouldn’t want to do i, though not that it really matters :slight_smile:

I doubt there’s any audible difference. So what if they’re downsampled? They still sound the same.

With the old Qobuz Zappa issue, that was the case. But on Qobuz we can’t be entirely sure they served the exact same files to me any you, maybe they came from different datacenters or whatever.

If you now have the issue with actual files on your disc, we could make sure we play the same ones

This is the same Qobuz issue

Yea I might have to do that

Aha! Oh well OK, I thought local files now. Sorry, then I have even less idea than back then because you have ruled out the Node now. Very odd, but :man_shrugging: sorry

Yep, who knows

So, I just connected my External Hard drive with my cd collection on it. I do have the Zappa disc I am talking about on it. But it’s not hi rez so I guess we can’t test anything right?

You can try if that plays for you, but it would be more than odd if that one didn’t play for you either. The files should be very different. In that case I would start to believe in Zappa’s ghost haunting you

Yea, all Zappa stuff from Qobuz plays easily when not in 192khz, so guessing my local file will also. Do these local files show up mixed in with the Qobuz stuff? Roon is still adding the files now so can’t tell